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We pride ourselves as one of the UK's leading e-cigarette and gourmet e-liquid specialists. We supply vape kits, e-liquids, coils, mods, tanks, batteries, and vaping accessories. Whether you're a novice to vaping or a seasoned expert, we aim to provide you with the very best experience through high quality vaping products and the finest e-liquids from around the world - at the most competitive prices! At Mobiles and Vapes we can diagnose all main phones brands including iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, OPPO & repair any problems with your mobile phones & tablets, from screens, batteries, mics etc.

We also have an extensive range of accessories for all your mobile and tablet needs. Our technician has experience over 10 years in the phone industry.

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best quality phone repairs.

Screen Replacement

Get your Phone Screen replaced in 30 minutes. Our 95% repairs are at while you are waiting.

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Battery Change

Your phone's battery not charging properly or not keeping charge for longer is a sign you need to replace it.

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We offers very low price phone repair & replacement service.

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Unlocking Phones

Want to switch to a different provider, you may need to get your phone unlocked for all networks.

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Phone Accessories

Best range of smartphone & tablet cases, screen protectors, fast charging cables, fast charing plugs and more.

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vaporizer store

We carry only the best vaporizers with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Buy at whole seller prices.

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