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Frequently Asked Questions


Got a busy sechedule? Our mobile pick-up and drop-off service can help!

If you have any other questions please contact us and we will do our best to give you an answer.

What repairs can you do?

If your mobile phone is damaged and out of warranty, we will try and fix it for you

If my phone is "water damaged" can you fix it?

We can fix most water damaged phones as that is our speciality!

How do I get my phone to you?

Hand in to one of our Drop Off Centres, by post or we can pick up your phone within a 5 mile radius of Store. Anything further than 5 miles will be at an additional cost. (Please contact us for details)

What happens if you can’t fix it?

On the odd occasion that we can not repair your phone, we will get in touch to let you know and return the phone.

Which services we are providing ?

Camera replacement- Issue with the faulty camera lens and other camera related problems are dealt under this category.

LCD/Touch replacement- Unresponsive screen and other issues with the touch get treated under this service category.

Charging dock replacement/repair – Select this category for faulty charging docks and related issues.

Volume/Power Key repairmen- Choose this service category if the volume and/or power key isn’t functioning.

Battery replacement- Issues with faulty batteries, connection problems and other minor obstacles are dealt under this category.

Speaker/Mic replacement – Choose this service division if you have faulty speakers and/or mic.

Diagnostics- For all other issue, select this option.

Software repair – Select this service if you are facing issues with the software such as problems due to a virus in the phone.

our Services

best quality phone repairs.

Screen Replacement

Get your Phone Screen replaced in 30 minutes. Our 95% repairs are at while you are waiting.

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Battery Change

Your phone's battery not charging properly or not keeping charge for longer is a sign you need to replace it.

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We offers very low price phone repair & replacement service.

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Unlocking Phones

Want to switch to a different provider, you may need to get your phone unlocked for all networks.

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Phone Accessories

Best range of smartphone & tablet cases, screen protectors, fast charging cables, fast charing plugs and more.

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vaporizer store

We carry only the best vaporizers with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Buy at whole seller prices.

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